The challenge for developing Euronews Georgia’s mobile application was to create a user-friendly, informative, and visually appealing platform that accurately reflected Euronews’ brand and design guidelines. This required integrating the global design and functionality of Euronews’ existing mobile app while also adding a new rest API extension for WordPress to seamlessly bridge the website and app under the same CMS. The goal was to provide readers with timely news updates via push notifications and deliver a high-quality user experience that met Euronews’ standards.

Our Approach

Our approach was to create a collaborative team with both the client and our own team members, and to carefully select the development technologies, define the methodology and steps, to ensure a successful outcome.

Creating a mobile app for Euronews Georgia involved the following steps: 

  1. Defining the purpose and goals of the app: This includes determining what the app will be used for and what features it will include.
  2. Designing the user interface and user experience: This involves creating wireframes and mockups to visualize how the app will look and function.
  3. Developing the app: This involves writing the code for the app and integrating any necessary APIs or third-party services.
  4. Testing the app: This includes both internal testing by the development team and external testing by a group of users to ensure that the app is functioning properly and is user-friendly.
  5. Launching the app: This involves making the app available for download through app stores or other distribution channels.
  6. Maintaining and updating the app: This involves fixing any bugs that are discovered and adding new features and functionality to the app over time.

Client's Testimonial

We hired Above Digital to create an app for our television channel. Our goal was to create a mobile application that would allow users to stay informed and up-to-date on current events, and to easily engage with the news channel and its content.

We wanted the app to have the same style and features as the Euronews Global app, making it convenient for local users to access the latest news and information on their mobile devices.

We are satisfied with the project management from Above Digital. We had Zoom communication and, when some problems were discovered, the Above Digital team fixed them immediately. Overall, the process was smooth and efficient.

One of the things that impressed us most about Above Digital was the professional skills of their developers. This was our first experience working on an application, so we changed our goals several times during the process.

However, the Above Digital team followed us without any complications and accommodated all of our requests. They were very flexible and able to adapt to our changing needs.

November 20, 2022
Mobile Development
Silk Media LLC