The challenge was to develop an online platform during a pandemic to help the client transition their physical products and services promotions to a digital format. This involved finding a digital solution that would allow the client to effectively and efficiently deliver their services to customers in a completely new and unfamiliar environment. The pressure was high to quickly adapt to the changes brought on by the pandemic and find a solution that would keep the business thriving.

Our Approach

Our approach involved a technical evaluation of the client’s idea, followed by the creation of a system architecture plan. We then assembled a dedicated team and provided a clear timeline for development. Additionally, we took steps to guarantee the platform’s load capacity and scalability.

Client's Testimonial

Our goal was to deliver a digital solution that transformed physical products and services promotions into an interactive online platform. The platform provides users with a comprehensive digital experience that includes live streaming, virtual promoters, gamification, product presentations, surveys, and coupons. The platform enhances the target audience’s interaction with brands online, making it easy for them to access information and engage with the brand through videos, games, surveys, and live sessions. The platform also includes a feature that allows users to download brochures for easy access to product information. A portion of the platform has already been launched, with the official launch of the completed version currently in progress with ABOVE Digital’s assistance.

ABOVE Digital communicates openly and reacts positively to our feedback. They try to understand where we’re coming from, so they can identify ways to eliminate issues before they arise. The team is collaborative and timely. We meet in person and communicate via email and phone.

September 01, 2022
Software Product Development
Sales Promotion Center