The key challenge for the development of the custom white label online events platform for Reason To would be to seamlessly integrate all the required functionalities such as Lobby, Networking, Multilingual live streams, Gamification, Contests, etc. into a single platform while ensuring high performance and stability. The platform must be able to handle large numbers of users and multiple events simultaneously. Another challenge would be to make the platform user-friendly and intuitive, with a clean and modern design that is easy to navigate and customize. The platform must also be scalable, secure and comply with all relevant regulations and data protection standards. Additionally, the platform must be easily integrable with third-party tools and services to enable seamless event management for clients.

Our Approach

The solution we used to overcome the challenges in the development of the custom white label online events platform for Reason To was to build the platform from scratch using Microsoft Azure infrastructure. This ensured that the platform was highly scalable and could handle large numbers of concurrent users. We also conducted thorough load testing to ensure that the platform could handle high traffic and remain stable even under high loads. Furthermore, we made security a major priority and conducted a penetration test to identify and address any potential security vulnerabilities. This approach allowed us to develop a secure, reliable, and high-performing platform that met all of the client’s requirements and provided an excellent user experience.


As a result of our efforts, the client was able to successfully use the platform for multiple events, including those for big brands such as iQOS and Coca Cola 3E, with over 1000 concurrent users participating. The platform proved to be highly reliable and secure, delivering an exceptional user experience for all participants. This success was recognized by the industry, and the client was awarded the Greek Event Awards Gold Award in the Hybrid Platform category, demonstrating the high quality of our work and the impact that our dedicated team was able to make. Overall, the result of our work was a highly successful and impactful platform that exceeded the client’s expectations and delivered on all key metrics.

March 05, 2022
Software Product Development
Reason To