During these difficult times, while Covid-19 is still spreading quickly, many businesses are deeply affected. Right now, online retailing is changing forever with a huge impact on e-commerce. New customer behaviors and new challenges impact global retail and instantly e-commerce is the key to keeping your business growing and thriving., a cosmetic-perfume store in Georgia counting 10 branches was deeply affected by the Covid-19 and forced to close due to the urgent lockdown measures. To deal with that crucial condition at the same time as the government banned online shopping too, a Team was formed from both sides, and ABOVE Digital, and an e-commerce website got built in just two weeks. This is the outcome of the motivation and the structured work from both Teams.

This collaboration was a tremendous challenge for our Team considering the fact that operates thousands of employees who were left unpaid and with the risk of losing their jobs. 


We accepted that challenge and we extremely considered the reality that we had to do our greatest in order to save at least one job position.

Our Team acts with integrity and in a way that makes all of us proud. We focus on putting ourselves in the shoes of others and we give any e-commerce idea a real shape no matter what. 

We work remotely and on behalf of the entire ABOVE Digital Team, ‘’we work together to navigate through these challenging and unprecedented times’’. 

May 20, 2020
E-Commerce Solutions