The challenge for designing and developing BNI Greece’s national website was to thoroughly understand the target user persona and design the website accordingly. The development process required integration of BNI’s global tools and resources while also incorporating local information and events to create a cohesive user experience for both members and visitors. The end result was a modern and functional website that accurately reflects BNI’s professional image and effectively communicates its values and services.

Client's Testimonial

ABOVE Digital’s team has been an amazing contributor to BNI Greece success, building a National website, studying the needs and all the BNI tools that need to be put together for both the website visitor and the BNI Greece member. Their efficiency, deep knowledge of all the digital tools and capabilities both simple and difficult have turn a website building project into an empowering collaboration journey. Our professional and business relationship since the realization of this project became more mature, and I can now testify I fully trust them with all our online and digital systems and security as a great reliable partner.

June 20, 2021
Web Development
BNI Greece